The Classic Portland Airport Carpet Is Making a Comeback

The iconic green, blue and purple design will be featured at the renovated PDX terminal, opening in 2024.

It’s official: The legendary green, blue and purple carpet at Portland International Airport is immortal.

After being mostly removed after 30 years of service in 2015, the iconic carpet pattern will be reinstated at PDX’s new terminal, which is set to open in 2024.

The announcement was made today by Port of Portland officials.

“We appreciate the fact that everybody in this community has that deep connection to PDX through that carpet,” said Vince Granato, head of special projects for the airport. “That’s why we decided to bring it back. I don’t feel like we should lose our history.”

While the airport’s current carpet will remain in the concourses, the old design will be installed in pre-security “meet and greet” areas and yet to be disclosed “surprise locations.”

Despite being replaced, the old carpet maintains a mythic status in the minds of Portlanders. It appears on countless products, including T-shirts, and has been a prime backdrop for shoe selfies.

“I always joke that if we didn’t use the carpet and our name was associated with this terminal project, we’d probably be run out of the city,” says architect Sharron van der Meulen.

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