Fearlandia Is Back, Making an Abandoned Orchards Garden Center Even Creepier

What makes this haunted house even better? It’s right next to a Spirit Halloween costume shop.

So far, Portland has seen the return of haunted houses at unusual venues ranging from an outer-eastside strip club to Oaks Amusement Park. Now, we’ve learned that the latest place that will morph into a fright fest next month is a long-abandoned Orchards garden center in a largely deserted strip mall (which, let’s face it, is inherently creepy).

Fearlandia has spent the past month getting the structure at 10860 SW Barnes Road ready for its Oct. 7 opening date by building sets and moving in props, and recently hung signs on the location advertising its existence.

This is the first year since 2019 that the haunted house will operate as normal. During 2020, the company teamed up with Davis Graveyard, Fear Factory and Creators of the Night to produce a drive-thru attraction at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. Last year, Fearlandia once again had a partner—that time it was Under Hill—for an attraction they co-created at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Now, the haunted house is back on its own in a new home in Peterkort Town Square just off of Highway 26 in the West Hills.

At first glance, it looks like Spirit Halloween—the ubiquitous store that pops up in abandoned mall space across the country every fall—has opened its own scary walk-through. The two actually share the former Orchards footprint, which will likely make this a destination for die-hard spooky season fans seeking out a few scares to go with their costume-shopping experience.

And if you believe the hype in Fearlandia’s website and sign posted outside the entrance, you’re in for more than a mild “boo.” Would-be visitors are warned away from entry if they have any number of medical conditions, including asthma, heart conditions, and seizures, or are pregnant. Heck, Fearlandia says that even someone in a cast should steer clear.

That’s likely due to the interactive nature of the display, which includes plenty of well-made-up actors jumping out of dark corners. No two Fearlandia shows are alike, and this year the company is introducing two new attractions. Night Terrors brings visitors into the world of a boy named Billie who can’t sleep through the night because he passes through a terrifying portal after dark. Then there is Carn-Evil, which is billed as the “world’s deadliest show,” and that’s about it. (Based on the name, it’s safe to assume there’s a strong circus theme involved.)

Also new is a “Not as Scary Day.” Children under the age of 13 are not advised to attend a normal Fearlandia session, but from noon to 4 pm Sunday, Oct. 23, there will be a tamer experience for the little ones, including a ghost hunt, kid-friendly monsters and more light.

Fearlandia runs 7-10 pm Friday and Saturday through Oct. 29, with a few evenings scheduled to go until 11 pm. There are additional sessions on Sunday and Monday, Oct. 30-31.

Tickets cost $20 as well as one nonperishable food item for Fearlandia’s FearHunger Drive benefiting the Portland Police Bureau’s Sunshine Division. And if you want to support that cause without all of the scary business, the 13th Moon Gravity Well on Southeast 41st Avenue will donate a dollar from every pint sold of Fearlandia Vanport Brown while supplies last.