Nothing Compares to the Silky-Sweet Perfume That Royal Rose PDX Rolling Paper Offers

“It is important for me to have a sustainable business that is not going to create more garbage.”

Royal Rose (Courtesy Royal Rose)

Cannathusiasts who prefer doinks to dabs and spliffs to bong hits already know that traditional papers, blunt wraps and novelty metallics are hardly required equipment for rolling one up. In fact, founder of Royal Rose PDX Ciara Waters knows that the best rolling papers aren’t actually papers at all; they are the petals of the city’s signature blossom, a rose.

Rose petal rolling papers aren’t a new concept. In fact, many traditional spliff smokers who roll their cannabis up with therapeutic or uplifting botanical blends are well aware that flower petal papers are an opulent yet accessible way to level up their cannabis.

“I wanted to create a product reflecting my love of this city,” Waters says. “I never really liked the other rolling papers, and I needed a better, healthier alternative—something that would add a little color and smells good, too.”

Royal Rose (Courtesy Royal Rose)

Anyone who’s ever had an especially paper-heavy drag on a pre-roll can relate: The dry inhale of a Zig-Zag simply does not compare to the silky-sweet perfume that rose petal rolling paper offers.

What makes Waters’ rolling papers particularly exceptional is the intention behind their creation. More than just a handful of garden petals hastily dried, Royal Rose wraps are organic, food-grade, and meticulously hand-pressed to create fragrant roll-ups in colors familiar to anyone who’s frequented any of our city’s many rose gardens. Stoners and rose enthusiasts alike may recognize the delicate yellow petals of the Ray (of Sunshine) wrap, or the moody violet layers of Purple Passion. Even the sensual crimson hue of Mad Love and the rainbow of canary, pink and red in Sunrise are reminiscent of the bold, vibrant blossoms that decorate our curbsides and park blocks.

Royal Rose offers more than a curated collection of carefully cured roses; customers can also find an all-natural therapeutic rose oil that’s formulated to reduce pain and inflammation, soothe irritated skin, slow signs of aging and more. Other featured products include an herbal smoking blend that can be rolled with or without cannabis as well as rose petals that can be added to tea, water or a bath. No matter what you end up buying, though, the purchase will support Waters’ community-minded goals.

“It is important for me to have a sustainable business that is not going to create more garbage,” she says. “Everything about my business is eco-friendly. The material used in production is recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and compostable.”

Despite the delicate nature of rose petal papers, Waters describes her wraps as both long lasting and durable.

“Most people ask if they have to keep it in the fridge. The answer is no,” she explains. “There is no shelf life because pressed petals last forever.”

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