We’re Still No. 1 in Semi-Factual Superlatives

Portland is the No. 1 city for vegetarians, No. 2 for coffee and No. 3 for loudest talkers.

Upper Left Coffee Roasters (Chris Nesseth)

No. 10 Best City for Singles (WalletHub, December 2023)

No. 9 City Where Residents Have the Best Home-Value Intuition (All Star Home, December 2023)

No. 8 Most Desirable Place to Live (U.S. News & World Report, July 2023)

No. 6 Cheapest Staycation Destination (Travel Lens, February 2023)

No. 5 Best City for Dogs (Forbes, January 2024)

No. 3 Best Beer City (Craft Beer & Brewing, November 2023)

No. 3 Best City for Outdoor Activities (Niche, 2023)

No. 3 Best City for Partying and Nightlife (BetMGM, July 2023)

No. 3 Loudest Talkers in America (Preply, October 2023)

No. 3 City With the Kindest Kids (Solitaired, May 2023)

No. 3 Best City for Soccer Fans (WalletHub, August 2023)

No. 2 Most Bike-Friendly City (Clever Real Estate, August 2023)

No. 2 Best Food City in America (WalletHub, June 2023)

No. 2 Best City for Coffee Lovers (WalletHub, September 2023)

No. 2 Most Environmentally-Sustainable City (Sustainable Jungle, 2023)

No. 1 Most Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly City in U.S. (WalletHub, September 2023)

No. 1 Coolest City in North America (Beltway Insider, August 2023)

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