Nine Portland Breweries Are Reviving Their Own Version of Portland Dining Month

The model is essentially the same: For $35, customers can enjoy customized three-course meals, but the breweries are throwing in a few extra deals.

If you hadn’t guessed by now due to its long-standing absence, Portland Dining Month is yet another cultural casualty of the pandemic.

However, three years after COVID cut Travel Portland’s restaurant promotion short, the city’s beer producers are picking up the slack.

Ecliptic Brewing has teamed up with eight other businesses to create the first-ever Portland Brewery Dining Month. The model is essentially the same: For $35, customers can enjoy customized three-course meals throughout March, the traditional period when Portland Dining Month took place.

“In year’s past, we used to see summer-like revenue in our pub during Dining Month,” Ecliptic owner and brewmaster John Harris stated in a press release. “It’s a bummer that the event ended, but it got me thinking that we could organize our own event and focus on the awesome food coming out of local breweries specifically.”

And if your expectations for brewery food are oversized pretzels and burgers, even more reason to get out there and sample the menus of our local beverage purveyors. All of the pubs have their own kitchens and focus on making dishes whose quality rivals the beer.

Better yet: The breweries are sweetening the deal by throwing in one beer, house wine or non-alcoholic beverage and a $10 voucher for use between April 1 and June 30—a perk you didn’t find at Portland Dining Week.

Participants besides Ecliptic include Backwoods, Gigantic Hawthorne, Grand Fir, Migration, Old Town Northeast, Steeplejack, StormBreaker Mississippi and Von Ebert’s Pearl and Glendoveer locations. Gratuity is not included and the special runs through March 31.

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