Icarus, Sesame Collective’s First Cocktail Bar, Opens Downtown

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a hard-partying deckie on “Below Deck Med,” this late-night spot might just transport you to an Italian disco.

The Sesame Collective restaurant group, known for transporting diners to destinations throughout the Mediterranean with its cuisines, has a new stop on the route: an Italian disco after dark.

Icarus, named after the tragic Greek mythological figure who flew too close to the sun, a warning about youthful hubris, opened Oct. 19 at 1215 SW Alder St. right next to sister property Dolly Olive.

The company’s first cocktail bar fully leans into the story that inspired the name. The compact drink menu is split into two parts: Rise and Fall. The concoctions under the first category are described as “more sophisticated” and made with a limited number of ingredients, while the latter features cocktails that should be avant-garde. Icarus also currently serves four wines by the glass, five by the bottle and a handful of draft beers.

The disco element is reflected in the décor—yes, you’ll find a mirrored ball hanging from the ceiling surrounded by a flock of birds as well as plenty of neon. Music circa 1970s Italy serves as the soundtrack.

A bit of Dolly Olive finds its way into Icarus in the form of Sicilian-style pizza made using the restaurant’s focaccia recipe. Other food options include a Caesar salad, a cast iron-baked risotto, and a handful of snacks like marinated olives and walnuts.

The addition of Icarus to the city’s core is notable since most everything downtown these days closes around 9 or 10 pm. Here, you can pretend like you’re a cast member of Below Deck Med and keep the dancing and drinking going until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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