It's been almost two weeks since the wildfire smoke that choked Portland's air and forced the city into what amounted to a second level of quarantine lifted, and few of us have ever been so grateful to actually see the sky.

Well, brace yourselves, because the smoke is coming back.

Don't panic, though! It won't be nearly as dense, and you'll still be able to breathe.

In this case, the smoke—which is being blown northward from fires still burning in California—will stay aloft, meaning that it won't affect the air quality, and other than a vague haze it will mostly only be noticeable in the early morning and evening.

"It'll remain elevated," says Will Ahue, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service's Portland office. "It should really just [produce] nice, colorful sunrises and sunsets."

Hey, as far as smoke news goes, that's about the best outcome possible.

The smoke is expected to roll in this afternoon and then stick around until Thursday or possibly early Friday.