Finder: Introduction

Portland can be overwhelming for newcomers.

I know, because I was one.

I arrived here at the end of 2014 and found myself in a hyper-connected city that wasn't the quirky up-and-comer I had been led to expect. This Portland was one where former homebrewer Alex Ganum makes some of the best beer in America in a basement across from Moda Center. It's where Nong Poonsukwattana built a restaurant empire out of a food cart and one dish. It's where Alicia J. Rose turned a picture of chef Naomi Pomeroy and a pig carcass into fine art.

The Portland I moved to isn't some artsy, underachieving cousin of Seattle or San Francisco. Nor is it the backup city you failed into because you couldn't make it somewhere bigger.

Portland is one of the best cities in the United States.

The magazine you hold in your hands is built to be the guide I desperately wanted when I first arrived here. Our goal is to help you understand how the people and communities of Portland make it the incredible city it is today—while pointing you to the places worth your time, money and attention.

We split the city into its five quadrants, and from there into 43 distinct neighborhoods—each with its own history and culture. We enlisted a group of people passionate about bringing you the best, weirdest and most interesting Portland has to offer—whether it's an upscale Russian restaurant, a well-worn dive bar, a weed shop that looks like an Anthropologie or one of our many bacchanal art walks—and had them fill those neighborhoods with the things to eat, drink, buy and do that make them special.

— Walker MacMurdo

Editor, Finder 2016