Give Early. Give Often. Spread It Around: Welcome to Willamette Week’s 2022 Give!Guide!

Think of it this way: Just as one good deed inspires another, so, too, does one nice gift.

In the pages that follow, you’ll find 235 local nonprofits organized into 10 categories. Each performs an essential service. Taken together, these wonderful organizations do so much for Portland we don’t know how our region could survive without them. Please learn as much about as many of them as you can at We hope doing so will inspire you to give early—and often—during our year-end campaign.

You’ll also find profiles of this year’s five Skidmore Prize winners. The award celebrates Portlanders under the age of 36 who do amazing work for local nonprofits. Each of this year’s award winners more than fits the bill. (You can read about them and this year’s finalists on here.)

Along the way, you’ll find information about our wonderful sponsors and business partners. A huge thank-you to all of them! And you’ll learn about Big Give Days, which provide fabulous incentives for giving.

Since its founding in 2004, WW’s G!G has raised nearly $50 million for local nonprofits. This year, we’re shooting for $8 million from 17,000 of you. We hope to accomplish this, in part, by making giving both easy and fun. On the “easy” side, we have a great one-stop shop of a website courtesy of Roundhouse. (To repeat: The URL is On the “fun” side, along with a multitude of engaging incentives, this year we asked students at Pacific Northwest College of Art to design this issue. Under the supervision of their professor Kristin Rogers Brown, Samantha Brass, Kacie Jones, Skylar Scott, Zoe Sevier, and Alicia Vidal have done a wonderfully quirky job and given these pages real character. We hope you appreciate their efforts.

Julie Mancini, who during her life was involved in more than a handful of Give!Guide participants and did more for Portland than just about anyone we know, left us this August. At a memorial in her honor in October, two of her basic sayings were offered up: “Money is like manure. It needs to be spread around.” And: “Make it better.”

We urge you to do as Julie would have: Please use your debit and credit cards to spread it around the Give!Guide website—knowing your gifts make everything they touch better.

The recent past has not been kind to Portland and her neighboring communities. We hope your gifts—and the amazing work produced by this year’s participating nonprofits—will be part of getting the places we all love back on their feet.

Thank you,

The Give!Guide Team

Richard H. Meeker - Founder

Toni Tringolo - Executive Director

Josh Rentschler - Campaign Assistant

Willamette Week’s 2022 Skidmore Prize Winners

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