Are You Stoned Enough for the Snoop Dogg-Wiz Khalifa Tour?

Take our quiz. But first—get really, really, really high.

Before reading any further, you must first get high.

Now, get way, way more high than that.

Are you able to read this sentence? Then you're probably still not high enough to see Snoop Dogg perform with Wiz Khalifa at an amphitheater named after the country's leading manufacturer of hydroponic supplies.

But if you feel like you are, indeed, stoned far enough out of your gourd to attend this summit meeting of hip-hop's most blunted, take the following test.

Answer key at the bottom of the page.

Answers: 1. E 2. B 3. C. 4. C, B, A, E, D 5. B. 6. If you started writing this, don't even think about buying tickets.

If you answered most of these correctly, you are definitely not high enough. Please hit the dab a few more times and try again.

SEE IT: Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa play Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, 17200 NE Delfel Road, Ridgefield, Wash., with Kevin Gates, Jhene Aiko, Casey Veggies and DJ Drama, on Thursday, Sept. 1. 7 pm. $15-$130. All ages.