Holiday Scented Soy Wax Candles | Blithe and Bonny | $33

The perfect holiday candle collection locally made by Blithe and Bonny. Winter Fir is cool and fresh; Pomander is warm and spicy. The thick antique green glass compliments any decor to make a great gift.

4140 N. Williams Ave. 503-832-7032


Elixirs | The Herb Shoppe | $16-28

Delphinius: Relax. Refresh. Recharge. Let the healing and soothing waters that the dolphin swims through calm your soul and provide you with serenity. Ursa Major: Invite your intuition to guide you to empowerment. Let Mama Bear soothe your throat and free your voice! Aquila: Don't let allergies cloud your springtime! Trust the Eagle to carry away your itchy eyes, stuffy nose, & sinus headaches. Draco: Bring fire to your spirit and a boost to your endurance. The Dragon will light up your path to bring you to full speed ahead.

3912 N Mississippi Ave. 971-703-4347


Heka Mental Ease | Sun God Medicinals | Starts at $18

These products from Sun God Medicinals made of Oregon grown hemp compounded with supporting herbs that may help relieve feelings of stress this holiday season. All herbs certified organic and grown in Southern Oregon. For daytime use for all your holiday moments.

4894 N. Runway Dr. Ste. 104, Central Point, 888-470-7394


Hypnos Products | Sun God Medicinals | Starts at $18

The holidays can quickly become a time of high stress and late nights. One thing that often suffers as a result? Sleep. We need sleep. The Hypnos products from Sun God Medicinals are specifically formulated to help with loss of sleep using organic, sun grown herbs from Southern Oregon.

4894 N. Runway Dr. Ste. 104, Central Point, 888-470-7394


Empower CBD Gift Box | Empower BodyCare | $29.99

Give the gift of relief with a collection of Empower's topical CBD products designed to quickly ease discomfort. Featuring the 9mL roll-on Topical Oil, 4oz Soaking Salt, and Topical Trial Size, all products included are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and paraben-free. On sale for only $29.99 at all New Seasons Markets!



Tenga Iroha + Kushi & Tori | She Bop | $110 each

Looking for a vibrator that is soft and gentle against the body? These rechargeable, palm-sized cuties from Japanese brand Tenga are made with delightfully plush silicone that sets them apart from the crowd. Choose from the ridged Kushi or smooth Tori, each featuring a satisfying range of seven vibration modes.

909 N Beech St & 3213 SE Division St. 503-473-8018