Headlight Earrings | Maloy's Jewelry | $250

These bright beauties will become your go-to earrings for day and night. Vintage crystal stones are set into Georgian style sterling silver mountings that hold the stones "kissing" the bottom of the earlobe.

717 SW 10th Ave. 503-223-4720


Chantilly Ring | Maloy's Jewelry | $1650

This one of a kind ring from the 1920's has some of the most exquisite gold work we have seen. Lacy and precise, it holds a bright antique .33ct diamond. Vintage engagement rings are the most earth friendly choice, and the most beautiful too. Come see Chantilly, and many other lovely, unique options, at Maloy's.

717 SW 10th Ave. 503-223-4720


Stowaway Amethyst Necklace | Presents of Mind | $50

Local Portland Designer Stowaway hand makes these perfect necklaces with gorgeous specially chosen stones placed in simple yet unique metal work. They make an impact while being clean & classic & a perfect length to wear daily.

3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 503-230-7740


Pacha Necklace | betsy & iya | $199

The Pacha necklace's combination of bright turquoise, polished jasper, and solid cast bronze feels sophisticated AND fun, plus it'll look amazing with everything you own. Handcrafted in Portland by betsy & iya. Open daily 10-6. Online order pickup available.

1777 NW 24th Ave. 503-227-5482


Illumina Earrings | betsy & iya | $89

We have yet to find an outfit these earrings don't pair perfectly with, and a person they don't look incredible on. They give just the right amount of movement and dazzle to be at home anywhere. Handcrafted in Portland by betsy & iya. Open daily 10-6. Online order pickup available.

1777 NW 24th Ave. 503-227-5482


Antique Golden Zodiac Lockets | Gem Set Love | $1,595

The incredible repoussé details on these 14k gold lockets are absolutely unforgettable. We were lucky enough to acquire 3 of these in like new condition. Vintage and antique jewelry is our specialty! Come visit and experience our vast one of a kind heirloom collection to find something special.

720 NW 23rd Ave. 503-226-0629


Vintage Jasper and Sterling Silver Cufflinks | Gem Set Love | $125

Dating from the 1960's these cuf inks are classic! The varied colors of the natural Jasper stone set in silver will go with many styles. Visit in store and online see our expertly curated jewelry collection. We have an enormous variety of unique one of a kind items in every price range!

720 NW 23rd Ave. 503-226-0629


Artisan Jewelry | Backyard Bird Shop | $7-$74

We proudly offer a wide selection of locally-made and fair-trade artisan jewelry in brass, gold and silver. Choose from earrings, necklaces and bracelets including pieces created through a social enterprise that empowers women around the world through dignified jobs and fair trade relationship.

1419 NE Fremont St. 503-445-2699


Silver Pendants | Zumbido de Portland | $24

Unique sterling silver pendants in a variety of styles, to match a variety of moods. Handmade by artisans at Mundy Rumi, a fair trade workshop outside of Lima, Peru.

7413 N Lombard St. 503-206-4882


Pendants & Earrings | Navajo Jewelry | $990, $726, $577

Made by top American designer Leo Feeney, these pendant and earrings set, is natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Gaspeite, faceted Peridot and faceted blue Topaz, is all set in sterling silver, handmade in the USA.

Vancouver Mall 8700 Vancouver Mall Drive Suite 244 360-256-3319