"Dope Cup is a way to bring in the whole community and be able to make sure that everybody has a chance to connect," says Dope Magazine co-founder and CEO David Tran. "This is the real celebration of what has really progressed here in Oregon, the last few days."

"I dedicate my aerial silk performance to Chris Chandler…a car ran him over outside of The Goodfoot [last Sunday]," says Dickerson. "It felt like it was a really beautiful way for me to release some of the feelings that I have, some of the aggression that I have around the subject."

"I expect everyone in this audience to make my homeboy proud that y'all know his lyrics…I need y'all to make as much noise as you can for as long as you can and show all these other states that fucking Oregon is the fucking third state to pass the fucking law and beat California," said Redman trying to rile up the crowd.

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