As much as he would dispute it, Everclear is not just Art Alexakis. Not technically. Over the last two decades, the band has had a revolving door membership in which—if you include the current lineup—more than a dozen musicians have passed through. Here's what all those guys are doing now.

Scott Cuthbert (drums, 1992-94)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Drum and Bugle Corps.

NOW: Directs marching band at Astoria High School.

Craig Montoya (bass, 1992-2003)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Went to high school in Spokane, was briefly in band named Soul Hammer.

NOW: Works as a manager at CD Baby, occasionally plays in a Slayer tribute band.

Greg Eklund (drums, 1994-2003)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Played in bands around Virginia.

NOW: Lives in Nebraska, plays drums in Storm Large's touring band.

Sam Hudson (bass, 2003-09)


NOW: Continues session work; has toured with '80s pop star Tiffany and American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus, among others.

Eric Bretl (drums, 2003-04)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Drummed for retro-glam act Flipp under the name "Kilo Bale."

NOW: In witness protection, seemingly.

Brett Snyder (drums, 2004-08)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Acted as a drum tech for Everclear.

NOW: Lives in Portland.

Tommy Stewart (drums, 2008-09)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Played drums in Godsmack.

NOW: Works as a personal trainer in Los Angeles.

Sasha Smith (keyboards, 2009-11)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Apprenticed in a recording studio with Tom Waits.

NOW: Doing session work, mostly recently scored the Crispin Glover film Aimy in the Cage.

Johnny Hawthorn (guitar, 2009)

BEFORE EVERCLEAR: Cycled around the "bar, club and backyard party circuit" in L.A.

NOW: Playing Southern California bars with his blues-rock band.

Jordan Plosky (drums, 2009-10)


NOW: Started ComicBlitz, the "Netflix of comics."