Meet Moshow, Portland's Feminist Cat Rapper

"All cat ladies in the world are beautiful."

Today, KGW introduced us to Moshow, the Portland rapper who loves cats so much he wears them on his body in multiple ways.

First, you may feel annoyed. "Oh," you'll say to yourself, sighing, "another Instagram 'star' pandering to our Portland-y love of cats."

But then you'll watch the video and, surprisingly, your eyes won't involuntarily roll back in your head. He isn't pandering at all. In fact, he seems completely sincere.

"All cat ladies in the world are beautiful," Moshow tells KGW, when asked what he thinks about "crazy cat ladies."

Yeah, that's right. Moshow's a feminist who refuses to gaslight a whole swath of humans.

And you know why he particularly loves sphinxes? "I've always been kind of the weird guy and they've been considered the weird cats."

Yep. He's an awkward loner, who is just doing what he loves and sharing his passion bravely with the world.

And you know what he loves? Cats.

You keep being your magical self, Moshow. You're a true Portland hero.

Follow him on Instagram. Get ready to start celebrating #yesmenlovecatsmonday.

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