Last night, Ruban Nielson, of critically acclaimed Portland psych-pop band Unknown Mortal Orchestra, went on Twitter and, well, things got messy.

Uh oh.

As you can imagine, the backlash from his 60,000 followers was immediate. He didn't provide a whole lot of context for his highlarious dig at the most visible member of the transgender community. But as his mentions piled up, Nielson intimated that it was a reaction to Jenner's recent tacit endorsement of Ted Cruz, who doesn't exactly have the most stellar record when it comes to LGBTQ issues.

And also he was drunk.

Nielson then went on an hours-long apology spree/shame spiral, while also RTing messages supporting his more nuanced point of "fuck Caitlyn Jenner."

So, what did we all learn?

•You're free to decry a trans person's hypocritical (and, frankly, confounding) politics, but please do so without misgendering and demeaning them with a shitty, fourth-grade-level joke.

•You should never, ever Tweet while "drunk" and/or angry, especially if you're in a pretty popular band.

•Kanye-Deadmau5 is still the week's best Twitter beef.