8. Blowout

8. Blowout (42 points)

FORMED: 2014

SOUNDS LIKE: Kathleen Hanna stomping on '90s Blink-182 records.

NOTABLE VOTES: Divers' James Deegan, Harrison Rapp and Seth Rapp; music photographer Jason Quigley.

Although Blowout has technically been a band since 2014, last year is when it came into its own. It added guitarist Brennan Facchino to the fold, began gigging multiple times a week, and started preparing songs for its forthcoming debut full-length.

"We were kind of all honeymooning and having fun in uncharted territory, so I think we just hit it hard," says singer-bassist Laken Wright. "We found our niche and a group of friends who all played in other bands, and a new community arose out of it."

Filled out by guitarist Travis King and drummer Nick Everett, Blowout plays a style of sloppy, heart-on-the-sleeve rock 'n' roll that pairs Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee's pop charm with the punk bite of her sister Allison's group, Swearin'. Lasting 15 thrilling minutes, the five tracks on Blowout's We All Float Down Here EP roar and snarl through different emotions, from the sarcasm of "Tune Out" to the sentimentality of "Wet and Reckless." Recorded in the basement of Blowout's old band house, the record is admittedly rough. Wright's lyrics are difficult to decipher, and the distorted guitars could use more pop in the mix. But nothing can eclipse the band's addictive energy and skillful songwriting.

No Beer, No Dad, Blowout's debut long-player, is currently being pressed to vinyl. While the band moved its recording process outside of its house this time, many of the songs were written in that familiar space, with some referencing "a busted green couch," or the shared home itself.

Blowout has grand expectations for 2016—from a full U.S. tour this summer to another release or two—but at the same time, Wright wants to keep her perspective in the moment.

"I'm proud that we finally finished the full-length," she says, "and created something that we are truly happy with and feel is an accurate reflection of our sound and writing."

NEXT SHOW: May 1 at the Know.


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