Who's Got Next?

Best New Band nominees that just missed the Top 10.

11/12. Blossom (39 points)

Lush, vaporous R&B slow jams redolent of billowing curtains and steaming pots of tea.

11/12. Jackson Boone (39 points)

A cosmic folk troubadour singing about the earth while staring at the stars.

13. New Move (36 points)

Classic pop executed with workmanlike precision.

14. Months (35.5 points)

Bleeding-heart indie rock with a '90s soul and shoegazing vocals.

15. Fog Father (32 points)

Outsider pop soundtracking the prom scene of your fever dreams.

16. The Lavender Flu (31 points)

A cut-and-paste experiment taking on a life of its own.

17. Sabonis (30.5 points)

Basement-emo revivalists giving up "all the feels."

18. Hurry Up (29 points)

Westin Glass and Kathy Foster of the Thermals (plus Maggie Vail) rage against the pop-punk machine.

19. Haley Heynderickx (23.5 points)

Jangly folk triangulating Elliott Smith, Angel Olsen and Luz Elena Mendoza.

20. Grape God (22 points)

Portland hip-hop's most off-kilter MC.


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