Last February, Divers released Hello Hello, the debut album it spent four years refining through endless gigs at living rooms and punk clubs and basements and taco shops. And lo! Only a year-and-change later, our Best New Band of 2015 has blessed us with two more songs! "Achin' On" fits the Divers mold of urgent, emotional bloodletting in the Bruceplacements vein—you can just see singer Harrison Rapp shakin' himself out of his boots playing it live. And it's got a great false-stop, a thing the band does particularly well. The B-side, meanwhile, is a cover of "Can't Do That," a whispery early '90s Dead Moon track, which comes at a particular poignant time, following the death of Dead Moon drummer Andrew Loomis earlier this week.

The seven-inch comes out on April 15, a split-release from Dead Cult and Japan's Snuffy Smiles. (Pre-order the record here.) The song stream is still exclusive to the Web site Punknews, so go here to listen. A release show and Japanese tour kickoff is planned for the Know on April 19.