Like a lot of Minnesotans, Bob Mould seems to have an almost spiritual connection to Portland, particularly when it comes to music videos. "Hold On," the latest clip from the legendary post-punk singer-songwriter, is his third fourth collaboration with local director Alicia J. Rose (and the second from new album Patch the Sky), and it's his most Portlandian yet.

Afflicted by a case of seasonal affective disorder—or perhaps an indie-rock midlife crisis—Mould leaves his fancy downtown high-rise apartment (so that's who lives in those things) to wander through the afternoon drizzle. Along the way, he runs into comedian Bri Pruett and Chanti Darling's Chanticleer Tru, who tell him to—you guessed it!—just "hold on." He walks over Tilikum Crossing and makes his way to Funhouse Lounge, where he enters a talent competition and…well, best to not spoil it.

Check it out below, and see Mould at Wonder Ballroom on May 11. Spoiler alert: He's still awesome.