[ROUGHED UP ROCK] Summer Cannibals doesn't fuck around. In case you somehow forgot since last year's Show Us Your Mind, the band reminds you from very start of new album Full Of It. "Go Home" kicks the album off with a hellfire of guitar, bass and sledgehammer drums, showing off a roughed-up version of an already rugged sound and lending their usual swagger an extra edge via darker, more dirgey guitars and extra layers of lo-fi haze. In between knocking out riffs like nobody's business, the band still makes room for some tight rhythms on "Just A Little Bit" and "Make Up." Jessica Boudreaux's vocals have somehow found room to improve, now cut with riot grrrl rasp delivering sardonic lyrics about not putting up with any guy's shit.

Full Of It turns away from the honest sentimentality that made the Cannibals' last album so great, but it's a worthwhile tradeoff, since it means the badassery gets kicked up a notch. On "Talk Over Me," Boudreaux lashes out against everyday misogyny, singing, "I'm not a bitch/I'd just rather not be harassed." Summer Cannibals can be relied on to turn out satisfying, no-bullshit rock'n'roll, and Full Of It is no exception. With the quick turnaround between albums, you wonder if, with more time, its sound would develop into something a bit more stark and surprising. Still, if for some reason you ever doubted the band's toughness, this album will shut you right the hell up. SHANNON GORMLEY.

SEE IT: A listening party for Full of It is at the Know, 2026 NE Alberta St, on Friday, May 27. 6 pm. Free. 21+.