STYLSS is a premier worldwide (via PDX) online collective and platform for underground electronic artists and producers to share and boost their tracks through global appeal. Started by Eugene-born Cory Haynes, STYLSS has long been affiliated as a Verfied co-host, but tonight brings in producers from as far afield as Humbolt County, Nashville and Paris, along with the usual local suspects Eastghost and Gang$ign$. Here, Haynes, aka Quarry, gives us his essential tracks released through the label.

1. "Omniscient, They" by Eastghost

It's as unexpectedly mind-blowing as it is emotionally powerful while pushing the envelope of "electronic music," whatever that means. If you listen to anything from STYLSS, I would recommend giving Eastghost's "Omniscient" a listen in full.

2. "Mashdi" by Onhell

If Shlohmo and DJ Mustard worked together on a track, I would imagine it would sound similar to "Mashdi." The perfect vibes for cruising down any West Coast city street on a sunny day—or a rainy day, for that matter.

3. "Ice Cold Eyes" by Bleep Bloop & Quarry

A track from the recently released STYLSS Loves You: Volume 3 compilation, where everyone had to work with another person from the collective. Even the cover art was created in collaboration by Natalie Hands and Molly Brooks.

4. "Remain" by Shmuck the Loyal

Recently released as part of our growing STYLSS Single Series, "Remain" represents the heavier post-trap sector of STYLSS. We are very excited to be bringing Shmuck, who's from Nashville, out for his Portland debut.

5. "Huffin & Coffin" by Jvnitor

From the ashes of Portland witch-house trio Bruxa rises Jvnitor, a two-piece rap project from remaining members Saint Michael Lorenzo and Kill Lustig. They released their haunting debut, Thank You Would Mean Nothing, in late spring, and "Huffin & Coffin" is a standout track from that release.

SEE IT: Verified: STYLSS Takeover, featuring Eastghost, Onhell, Shmuck the Loyal, Jvnitor, Quarry and more, is at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St., on Saturday, June 11. 9 pm. $8. 21+.