Years DJing: I started making mixtapes at age 8 with my Fisher-Price cassette recorder. I began DJing, using the proverbial two turntables and mixer, 17 years ago.

Genres: Cosmic disco, new beat, dark pop, acid house, electro, hypnotic techno, obscure boogie.

Where you can catch me regularly: I am a resident DJ for the parties Stranger Disco at District East, Yes Please at Holocene, and Playground held at various underground locations. You can also catch me at Moloko at least monthly for some chilled-out lounge times. In addition, I host a radio show, Misplaced Keys, on Freeform Radio, every Saturday from 6 to 8 pm.

Craziest gig: Imagine it is Dec. 31, 2015. Imagine it is 25 degrees outside. Imagine the New Year's Eve party you are hosting and DJing is in an unheated warehouse. We had about 700 party freaks huddled in the freezing-cold event space Constellation. I could see my breath all night. My fingers were frozen. The music was a psychedelic arctic journey, and the crowd was incredibly engaged—possibly out of necessity of having to huddle so as not to freeze.

My go-to records: William Onyeabor's "When the Going Is Smooth & Good," the Joubert Singers' "Stand on the Word," Todd Terje's "Inspector Norse," and Moodymann's "Love Hangover" never leave my crate.

Don't ever ask me to play…: Music that does not make sense with the time-space continuum (to be honest, I really don't take any request).

NEXT GIG: DJ Sappho spins at Cathy Disco Pride at District East, 2305 SE 9th Ave., with Vera Rubin and Stormy Roxx, on Friday, June 17. 10 pm. $12. 21+.