[FUN FRUSTRATION] Growing up sucks. And in case you forgot, Blowout's debut full-length is here to remind you. Existing on the border between adulthood and being a kid, No Beer, No Dad is full of references to boredom, unemployment and youthful compulsion. "It feels right to take my clothes off," sings Laken Wright on the sentimental "Fuck Slang," "it feels right to pick a fight." No Beer, No Dad is a sunny yet restless album, marked by frequent rhythm changes and Wright's high, melodic vocals. But while the lyrics center on personal stagnation, the album is far from a downer. It's wrapped in a persistent haze of pop-punk guitars, with a tendency toward anthemic bridges and choruses, broken up by quieter moments, such as a stripped-down interlude featuring just Wright's voice and an acoustic guitar. It's a reminder that tolerating bullshit is just part of being human. On the sing-along bridge of "Cents Cents Money Money," the band yells out, "Maybe I'll get a job someday/ Maybe I'll find the words to say/ Maybe I won't smoke as much/ Or drink as much/ Or give a fuck." Or maybe not. Either way, it's all good.

SEE IT: Blowout plays Black Water Bar, 835 NE Broadway, with Walter Etc., Ali Muhareb and Riled, on Wednesday, Aug. 3. 8 pm. $7. All ages.