Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock was in a five-car pile-up yesterday after, hitting a Portland Parks pickup truck.

As first reported by The Oregonian, Brock fell asleep at the wheel of his car after crossing the Morrison Bridge at Southeast Grand Avenue Wednesday morning and hit the back of a truck belonging to Portland Parks.

"I feel asleep at the wheel, nodded off and next thing I knew there was a car," Brock told gossip site TMZ yesterday. Brock ended up with a bruised sternum, while another driver was reportedly treated for a concussion.

According to police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson, the impact caused the truck to hit the back of a Subaru, which then slammed into another Subaru, which likely hit a fifth car that drove off.

The Subaru density lines up with an interview Brock gave with a Polish TV station last year, in which he called Portland "the last vestige of the die-hard hippie" (not to mention "a collection of human turds.")

Kristen Currier provided WW with a photograph of the wreckage of Brock's Land Rover, taken shortly after the accident yesterday morning.

(William Gagan)
(William Gagan)

Brock was in town after co-headlining a tour with Brand New, which ended at Moda Center on Sunday night.

Brock showed no signs of being intoxicated, according to police, and was cited for careless driving.

Here's a bunch of jokes relating the crash to Modest Mouse's many songs that mention driving. Some of the best are "His dashboard's melted but he's still got the radio" and "Well, this car is definitely crashing."