[POWER ROCK] Maybe there are better rock-'n'-roll bands than Diarrhea Planet, but none of them have a song called "Ghost With a Boner." As one might surmise, the Nashville sextet has little regard for the decorum of adulthood, choosing instead to fuse gloriously adolescent stupidity with instrumental muscle. It's a band that perhaps resembles your own high-school garage combo, if you had stayed together, added three guitars and let your little brother pick the name. The band's latest album, Turn to Gold, is loaded with triumphal power-pop anthems forged from a tornado of butt-rock riffage, ripping solos and sing-along choruses. If you're old enough to remember the '70s, or just watched Dazed and Confused a lot, it'll trigger flashbacks of the days when you spent the weekend slugging cans of Schlitz while blaring Cheap Trick in a Dairy Queen parking lot. And if you can't get past the name, then this shit wasn't meant for you, anyway.

Diarrhea Planet plays Sunday at 1:35 pm

(Amy Churchwell)