[DYLAN OF THE DIVE] You can take a man out of Shreveport, but whatever's in the water there tends to stick. It's where troubadour songwriter Kyle Craft started, and while Portland is where he realized his first full album, Dolls of Highland, he clearly brought some of that bayou spirit with him. The record gives the traditional breakup song a Dylanish parlor-room treatment, thanks to familiar guitar hooks and lively piano riffs. Craft's monstrous delivery is that of a true frontman, slightly glammy and theatrical. It's the rattled howling of someone who's seen a million truths, set to jangly, chest-beating, after-midnight folk rock. There's a daydreaming, nomadic feel to Dolls of Highland that's probably a reflection of Craft's own experience. Hopefully he's here to stay.

Kyle Craft plays Saturday at 1 pm.

(Amy Churchwell)