There are two protests scheduled today over KGW's interview with Joel Magid, the Portland musician who confessed to sexual assault on Facebook while denying a separate rape charge.

On Wednesday afternoon, the station posted a 23-minute interview with Magid and his lawyer, Lissa Casey, on its website. In the video, Magid says he has become the focus of a "witch hunt" since his confession. In a section of the interview that was later edited out, interviewer Chris Willis appears to empathize with Magid, while a member of the crew refers to Magid as a victim.

Following an uproar on social media, KGW removed the video from its site and apologized for the "insensitive comments."

But that hasn't gone far enough for some.

The first protest, entitled "Fuck KGW" on the Facebook invite, protests that the station "made light of the situation" because the alleged victim was a stripper or burlesque dancer, inviting the "devaluation of human lives."

That protest is scheduled to meet at Director Park downtown beginning at 11 am and march to Pioneer Square and disrupt their noon broadcast.

The second protest is scheduled for 2 pm outside the KGW TV studios at SW 15th and Jefferson.

"Stand together as we stand against rape culture, victim blaming and slut shaming," reads the second event invite. "This is one example, in one city, in one state. Let's be loud enough for others to hear."