"Punk is Drublic is so 1994," Fat Mike lamented as the 30-something crowd at the sold-out NOFX show at Crystal Ballroom on Nov. 2 chanted for more minute-long classics from the band's seminal fifth album.

Dressed in a leather kilt with a dyed-red mohawk, Mike pranced around the stage as the band launched into punk anthems spanning its discography, including "Six Years on Dope" and the instant memorable "I Don't Like Me Anymore." from latest release, First Ditch Effort. It's been 20 years since I first saw NOFX play in the intimate setting of Club Babyhead, a tiny hole in the wall in Providence, RI, and I'm happy to report that while the band has gotten older and fatter, they are quite notably not balder, and can still rile up a bunch of punk rockers, now in a much bigger venue.

Though the band took the stage a few minutes late due to the extra innings in game 7, they still managed to pack in 24 songs and delight the aging Portland crowd. NOFX eventually delighted with a few selections from its classic 1994 album—including "Linoleum," in which the crowd's singing often overtook the band and the apropos "Perfect Government"—while mocking Donald Trump and drummer Eric Sandin alike in between. "He's the best drummer in the band, though," Mike said.

All photos by Thomas Teal.