Years DJing: Five.

Genres: Eclectic dance (1980-present).

Where you can catch me regularly: The High Dive every second Friday, Dig a Pony every third Thursday, Jackknife every fourth Thursday.

Craziest gig: All the good nights seem crazy to me, but the weirdest was definitely DJing the finish line at the women's half marathon in Hillsboro, mainly because I'm out there at 8 am playing "She's a Maniac" like it's no big deal.

My go-to records: Raf's "Self Control," a classic '80s synth nightlife vamp, and the new album by homegirl Reva DeVito.

Don't ever ask me to play…: Justin Bieber, 'cause fuck that shit.

NEXT GIG: Sean Battles spins at Dig a Pony, 736 SE Grand Ave., on Thursday, Dec. 15. 9 pm. 21+.