Well, that was horrifying, wasn't it?

As they say, though, now it's time to get to work, and some are already out there doing it, in whatever way they can.

Today, long-running local duo Quasi released Battle Hymns, a self-described "protest record" featuring new music from several indie-rock luminaries, many of which are from Portland. Stephen Malkmus, Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Kaitie Harkin, the Thermals' Kathy Foster, ex-Crackerbash frontman Sean Croghan, Modern Kin's Drew Grow and the Filthy Friends—a supergroup featuring Peter Buck, Corin Tucker and Scott McCaughey—all contributed, as did Superchunk's Mac McCaughan, the New Pornographers' Carl Newman and Built to Spill's Doug Martsch, among others.

The compilation is available on as a "pay what you want" download, with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and 350.org. Go here for more information and to get a copy for yourself.

Full tracklist is below.

1. Love Always (Kathy Foster) – "We Won't Go Back"
2. Mac McCaughan – "Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)"
3. Boss Hog – "Save Our Soul"
4. Stephen Malkmus – "Midnight Cruisers"
5. Drew Grow – "Time Bomb"
6. MEDS (Carrie Brownstein and Katie Harkin) – "No More Fizz"
7. Mary Timony – "Fight The Hate"
8. Quasi – "Ballad of Donald Duck & Elmer Fudd"
9. Libraness (Ash Bowie) – "A Kind of Survival"
10. Filthy Friends (Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, Bill Rieflin) – "Love In The Time of Resistance"
11. Carl Newman – "Our Nero"
12. Rebecca Gates – "NO DIVISION"
13. Doug Martsch – "Fuck 2016"
14. Sean Croghan – "Spider House"