Years DJing: I saved up my money and I got my first set of turntables my junior year of high school. I DJed my first house party at 19 and started DJing out regularly about eight years ago.

Genre: Is "Beyoncé" a genre? What about "Drake"? No? Well, then I'd definitely have to say hip-hop. But you know what? Nobody puts baby in a corner! I play what I like, and that's it.

Where you can catch me regularly: I play first Fridays at Holocene for Tribute Night, second Fridays at Killingsworth Dynasty for Cake, third Fridays at Jack Knife, and I have a residency at Black Book on Saturdays. I'm also regularly at Century. I also have a radio show called Radio Ruckus on Saturdays from 10 pm to midnight on

Craziest gig: I actually just stepped off the plane in New York, where I took over the Brooklyn Bowl for the weekend. I did two sold-out shows for my party called Tribute Night. Besides that, I'd probably say it's a tie between opening up for Lauryn Hill, or Diplo doing a secret guest set at one of my parties.

My go-to records: Anything by Drake or Beyoncé; '90s rap classics; and if you are a West Coast DJ and you aren't bumping Aminé's "Caroline," then you're a fool. 

Don't ever ask me to play…: You can ask me to play whatever you like, just keep in mind I might embarrass you and call you out on the mic in front of all your friends for your horrible music taste. That goes double for "Becky With the Good Hair." P.S.: If I'm playing Prince or Lil Wayne and you have anything to say about it, please just vacate the premises. You don't want no problem, want no problem with me.

NEXT GIG: DJ Ronin Roc spins at Black Book, 20 NW 3rd Ave., on Saturday, Jan. 28.