This year, Future—the Atlanta rapper-singer whose career spans six albums and a dozen mixtapes—became the first artist to score back-to-back No. 1’s on the Billboard 200 chart, with FUTURE and HNDRXX. But if 34 tracks aren’t enough to satisfy your Future fix, here are five under-the-radar gems from his deep musical catalogue.

“Birds Take a Bath” feat. Jeezy and Young Scooter (2012)

Future teams up with street disciples Jeezy and Young Scooter for a conventionally anthemic record about cleaning their “product” for distribution. Early signs of Future’s hook mastery are here, heavy on the AutoTune and sung live from the traphouse.

“Coupe” (2015)

For the Adult Swim Singles series, Future is the superstar rapper in “Coupe,” where he details a night of cruising the streets, living recklessly and spending a fortune. “This my environment/You see this whip that I’m driving?/This my environment,” he brags over a banging 808 and starry synths.

 “Jordan Diddy” feat. Gucci Mane (2012)

Like Future’s breakout singles “Tony Montana” and “Same Damn Time,” “Jordan Diddy” is another quirky cut with a repeated hook. Most hip-hop kids want to be like MJ or Puffy someday, but on this track, Future is already flexing his status.

“Gone to the Moon” (2011)

One of Future’s redeeming qualities is the many alter egos he channels in his songs. On “Gone to the Moon,” he’s the Astronaut Kid, resplendent in designer brands, and so drugged out that he’s on Pluto and isn’t coming down.

“Maison Margiela” (2013)

For producer Metro Boomin’s debut mixtape, 19 & Boomin, Future penned this appreciation for designer Martin Margiela’s luxury collection. It’s a dank and dizzying showcase of Fashion Killa Future at his most high. 
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