Sweeping Exits, Glitter & Blood (Self-Released)

[VELVET GOLDMINE] Sweeping Exits' gothic glam-rock opus narrates the epic tale of a vampire named Desmond who traverses through the tumult of love and coming of age, all while maintaining the extensive demands of being undead. That information alone should suffice as to whether you're a detractor or disciple. But anyone still on the fence needs to know that the Rocky Horror-meets-Hedwig template of shamelessly catchy rock poses on Glitter & Blood are copious here and impeccably done, despite the campy subject matter. "Miami Beach," "Vampire in Love" and "The Queen's Ball" are all exemplary, Little Richard-esque rockers, sufficient to draw interest from anyone too cool for the merits of the storyline. Singer Mira Glitterhound has said the ultra-violence present in her lyrical content is a deadly serious reaction to her real-life experiences being harassed as a transgender woman, admirably spinning all-too-real resentment and pain into something hilariously ramshackle. Spanning 18 tracks, some might get winded before the final curtain, but those of us with lifetimes behind us will find reward here for thousands of years to come. 

SEE IT: Sweeping Exits play Black Water Bar, 835 NE Broadway, with Little Star, Alien Boy and Babe Waves, on Friday, June 9. 8 pm. $5. All ages.