Back in March, the staff at Lucky Lab Beer Hall in Northwest Portland got into a tense confrontation with a group of self-identified "national socialists"—better known as Nazis—attempting to have a meeting in their establishment. Slurs were allegedly hurled in their direction, but the servers eventually forced them out of the bar.

Now, the Lucky Lab employee who led the confrontation has released a song inspired by the incident, and it's not exactly subtle about it—it's called "Nazi Punchers."

When not filling pitchers and slinging pizzas, Ilan Moskowitz fronts the punkish "space rock" band Millennial Falcon. According to a press release, the song was initially about Moskowitz's grandfather, a Holocaust survivor turned Trump supporter. After the encounter at Lucky Lab, Moskowitz turned it into an anti-racist fight song.

"Say it to my face, not on MySpace," he sings. "You're the number one fascist on YouTube."

According to the press release, following the incident Moskowitz's contact information was circulated via the notorious (and now banished) neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer but nothing ever came of it. And the band members say they've continued to take on fascism in the streets of Portland.

"I had been sharing our song on Instagram in solidarity with Charlottesville and noticed that it was really resonating. But it's everywhere," says drummer Steve Avella. "A couple hours later I was waiting for my bus and this guy was really hassling this woman. I get closer and it's because she's trans and I step in to tell the guy to leave her alone. Suddenly he's doing a sieg heil and spouting 'Hail Trump' and I lay this guy out before thinking twice. I'm glad he didn't get back up before our bus came. This is the norm in America right now."

Millennial Falcon celebrates the release of its new EP, Hikkomori, on Sept. 22 at American Legion Post 134.

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