"I Don't Have" (1996)

It's not that the closer of Nickelback's 1996 debut album Curb is actually good, but the quiet-loud dynamics that back Chad Kroeger's yowling on the chorus bear such an uncanny resemblance to Vs.-era Eddie Vedder that you should sneak it into your die-hard Pearl Jam fan friend's deep-cuts megamix and see if they even notice.

"Breathe" (1999)

If the talking wah-wah guitars that open Nickelback's 1998 alt-rock radio breakthrough The State sound familiar, take note that Bon Jovi's megahit "It's My Life" was released two years after everyone's least favorite post-grunge poster-boys stormed out of Edmonton and onto the airwaves. That's right—Bon Jovi ripped off Nickelback. Let that sink in for a minute.

"Woke Up This Morning" (2001)

Sometimes you wake up pissed off, hungover and jonesing for some bright and crispy riffs to get you punching your steering wheel. Buoyed by a pounding rhythm and a rap-rocking style, this popular live-set opener is just what the doctor ordered when you're angry for no good reason.

“Another Hole in the Head” (2003)

Listen hard enough and the dour arpeggio that starts this sullen midtempo rocker from 2003's The Long Road hits the same feels as formerly great emo bands Taking Back Sunday or Thursday. This song is proof that Nickelback is capable of a good lick on the off-chance they turn off the "EXXTREME CRUNCH" preset every now and then.

"Burn It to the Ground" (2008)

Like most other successful post-grunge bands, Nickelback decided to write a few strip-club anthems to stay in the game. "Burn It to the Ground" splits the difference by riding a stomping rhythm and arena-baiting backup vocals that have just enough #YOLO vibes to elicit curiosity as to how rad this would've sounded if they sold it to Katy Perry instead.

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