After being away for six years, Portland avant-pop adventurers Nurses knew they had to come back with a splash. So to preview their new album, Naughtland, they went and pulled a Beyoncé, dropping an album-length music video…excuse me, "anti-music video." Maybe we should just let them explain it:

“An anti-music video for the surveillance age. Perfomance artist/fashion designer Ryan Boyle is unafraid of who may be watching or what they might see. Alternating between mundane domesticity and performative domestic surrealism, he confidently lounges, stretches, dances, and indulges our voyeuristic appetite. Like the personification of the internet’s collection of cat videos, Boyle channels Bauhaus Ballet batting at a ball of string.”

OK, so it's not exactly Lemonade. But the most important thing here is the video accompanies a full stream of Naughtland, which is officially out tomorrow. Before going on their extended hiatus, Nurses were one of Portland's best and most consistently interesting bands, putting out three albums of weird, wobbly, inventive indie-pop, and Naughtland finds them continuing to stretch and explore within the strange little sonic world they've created for themselves. It's a very welcome return.

Watch the video below, or hold off until tomorrow night and watch it on a presumably bigger screen during a public listening party in Southeast Portland. The official release show is Halloween night at Mississippi Studios.