Years DJing: Gavin has been DJing for 18 years and Sam has been DJing for 15 years. We have been DJing together as Walker & Royce for six years

Genre: We make house music, which a lot of people refer to as tech house. It's very funky, dramatic and in your face. As DJs, however, we often transcend genres during our sets.

Where you can catch us regularly: On the road. We came up in the New York scene and use to DJ there constantly, but we've been traveling so much as of recently. We're all over the place.

Craziest gig: Dirtybird Campout last year. It was one of the best sets we've ever played, and people even made totems based around "ITB," an old track of ours, and signs they were waving around in the crowd.

My go-to records: Recently, our track "Rub Anotha Dub" on our new album with Green Velvet has been our go-to. It always hypes the party up. Michael Meds' "Jackin' Drunk" has also been a go-to for years. No one ever seems to know this song yet, every time we play it people go crazy.

Don't ever ask me to play…: Don't ever ask us to play Journey "Don't Stop Believing." We're so sick of it.

NEXT GIG: Walker & Royce spin at Jade Club, 315 SE 3rd Ave., on Friday, Oct. 13. 10 pm. $10. 21+. Get tickets here.