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Is Lady Gaga Recording New Music In Portland?

The pop megastar was definitely hanging out in a Southeast Portland studio recently—and drinking coffee in Sellwood.

Lady Gaga appears to be working on new music in Portland—or, at the very least, hanging out in a local recording studio for some reason.

Rumors that the pop megastar was in our midst were first reported Monday by the PSU Vanguard, who noticed the pop megastar had posted photos of herself on Instagram last week posing outside of a familiar-looking red-orange building, followed by an image from inside a recording studio. Though she did not disclose her location in the photos, the fan site Gaga Daily deduced that the studio is Dead Aunt Thelma's on Southeast 13th Avenue. Two days ago, Gaga posted another set of photos from what appears to be the studio's kitchen.

Tough girl on the mend.

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on


A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on

The Oregonian also reported that the singer was spotted at Sellwood Italian restaurant Gino's on Saturday night.

Was Gaga working on the followup to last year's Joanne in town? And if so, why Portland? Well, one of her backup dancers is from Lake Oswego, but that would hardly seem to be a motivating factor for choosing to record here. The caption on the first photos outside Thelma's says she is "on the mend" and "slowly coming back to life," and her recent Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two, did reveal that she's been struggling with chronic pain the last few years. So maybe she was rehabbing here for one reason or another and decided to lay down some tracks?

The studio did not respond to a message for comment, so guess we'll have to check the liner notes whenever the album comes out—or keep watching her social media.

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