Years DJing: About eight. Before that I had worked in PR for bands and record labels, tour managing, booking and photography.

Genre: When I'm at home it's all about making weird jazz and R&B edits, but when I'm playing out it's something else. I love the way footwork gives people energy and life on the dance floor. I also love older hip-hop and R&B edits.

Where you can catch me regularly: Every last Saturday at High Water Mark for Judy on Duty. During the summer, I DJ first Sundays at Produce Row for Bridge Club.

Craziest gig: I had a residency at Black Book for four years, and one Tuesday night I got a call saying I was needed ASAP to DJ an after-party for Ty Dolla $ign and his crew. I was across town. So I jumped in my car, raced home, got my gear and raced downtown just as they were pulling up, and played all night. Ty loved some of the tracks I was playing and had me text him the song titles. So crazy!

My go-to records: "D-Medley (Dutch E Germ Remix)," Fatima Al Qadiri; "Brighter Dayz," DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn; "Get Your Footwork (MC Bin Laden Remix)," Kelela; "Honey (Glenn Underground Remix)," Erykah Badu ; "Footworkin' On Air," Traxman;  "I Get So Lonely (Trap Noir Remix)," Janet Jackson.

Don't ever ask me to play…: Recently I had someone ask me to play Buddy Holly during a party with club music playing. That was confusing. Definitely don't ask me to play anything from your iPhone unless you have an aux cord and $100.

NEXT GIG: Troubled Youth spins at Judy On Duty at High Water Mark, 6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, with 187 Moochie, on Saturday, Nov. 25. 10 pm. $5. 21+