Here's something probably no one has said for 23 years—it's been a good week for Tonya Harding.

On Tuesday, the Portland-born Olympic figure skater turned national pariah turned foxy boxer walked the red carpet at the L.A. premiere of her own biopic, I, Tonya, which early reviews suggest paints her in a sympathetic light. It opens in theaters this Friday, though it's not yet clear when it'll screen in Portland.

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens has just released a totally unrelated ode to the Rose City ice queen, simply titled "Tonya Harding." It is—surprise, surprise—a downcast, elegiac tune which also takes a sympathetic view of her highly publicized rise and fall.

"Tonya Harding, my star," he sings softly. "Well this world is a cold one, but it takes one to know one/And god only knows what you are/Just some Portland white trash."

This isn't the first time Stevens has written about Oregon's cultural history. His last album, 2015's acclaimed Carrie and Lowell, was filled with references to the state, which he visited as a child with his estranged mother.

Stevens has put not one but two versions of the song on Spotify. The song does not appear on the I, Tonya soundtrack, so the release of the single is either a total coincidence, or he's just as excited about the film as we are.