Lorde at Moda Center, March 10

She put out the smartest party record of the year—a record about how parties are mostly terrible—and collected all the Album of the Year plaudits. Are we sure Taylor Swift wasn't part of her entourage this whole time? Get tickets here.

St. Vincent at Keller Auditorium, Jan. 20

On a better, weirder planet, Annie Clark's newest one, Masseduction, dominated pop radio in 2017. Her live shows have grown increasingly surreal and theatrical, but really, her Nile Rodgers-meets-No Wave guitar playing is the only thing you'll be watching. Get tickets here.

Miguel at Roseland Theater, Feb. 22

He's got some cringeworthy lyrics, to be sure, and his stage presence sometimes resembles a kid mimicking Prince in his bedroom mirror. But he's one of R&B's most captivating polymaths, whose less-than-stellar moments are still interesting, and whose stellar moments are downright jaw-dropping. Sold out.

Judas Priest at Memorial Coliseum, April 17

Get that sixer of Schlitz out of deep-freeze, because the British metal gods are finally coming back to Portland. Who wants to tailgate in the Denny's parking lot down the street before doors open? Get tickets here.

Katy Perry at Moda Center, Feb. 2

Sure, her last album was a flaming diaper of bad ideas, but at least she had the good sense to get Carly Rae Jepsen to open for her. All hail the Queen of Support Slots! Get tickets here.