Years DJing: Sixteen years. I did a radio show in college, then started playing out live from there.

Genres: Right now, I'm playing movie soundtracks, heavy synth and dark dance music, but I've done many different styles through the years—glam, punk, soul, Italo, house, Brit pop, etc.

Where you can catch me regularly: I do a night called VCR TV with my DJ partner Ken Laüten, first Saturdays at Quarterworld. I also do a weekly radio show on XRAY FM by the same name, Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings, 3-4 am. Streaming anytime on XRAY.FM

Craziest gig: I got to DJ opening for LCD Soundsystem at this giant warehouse show in Philadelphia. The DJ setup was outside, which is always a great place to play music. When it got dark, everyone went inside the warehouse for the band, and the whole night was just really fun.

My go-to records: "I Wanted to Tell Her," Ministry; "Das Philadelphia Experiment," Splash Band; "Take a Chance," Mr. Flagio; "New York," Micro Chip League; "Devil's Dancers," Oppenheimer Analysis; "In the Year 2525," Visage.

Don't ever ask me to play…: Anything from your phone. I basically stopped taking requests a while ago, but most people just like what I play.

NEXT GIG: Kyle Reese spins at the Lovecraft, 421 SE Grand Ave., for Softcore Mutations, on Sunday, Jan. 28. 9 pm. Free. 21+.