Years DJing: Around 15. I started in 1996 but I took a hiatus in the mid-2000s.

Genres: House, techno, acid house, breaks, other random stuff.

Where You Can Catch Me Regularly: I just started hosting a night called Bodywork at the newly opened No Vacancy Lounge. I also play at 45 East, Jade Club and Liquor Store regularly.

Craziest Gig: The most fun I've had recently was at Your Sunday Best at White Owl over the summer. The crowd there is always really responsive and they aren't shy about dancing, which is great. It was also pretty crazy that I got to play Coachella a few years ago.

My Go-To Records: I seem to pull "Step it Back" by Bodhi quite a bit. I have an older track called "Mami (Manare Remix)" by Piri Piri that regularly works its way into my sets.

Don't Ever Ask Me to Play…: Anything. Like most DJs, I hate requests and will usually ignore them. Unless, of course, someone asks me to play one of my own tracks. That's always flattering.

SEE IT: Jason Burns spins at No Vacancy Lounge, 235 SW 1st Ave., for Bodywork, on Saturday, Feb. 17. 10 pm. $5 advance, $10 day of show. 21+. Get tickets here.