Colin Jenkins, Re: Fwd: FWD: (Self-Release)

[LO-FI LOVE] Somewhat quietly, Rio Grands has pushed along the past few years as one of Portland's greatest sun-kissed lounge acts. Its leader, Colin Jenkins, has since moved into solo work while keeping a tight grasp on his stagecraft and colorful delivery. As the title suggests, Re: Fwd: FWD: is breezy and fun, replete with narratives about drug-dealer relationships in the midst of legalized bud, wobbly keys and shout-outs to Ghost Town DJs. Opener "Hard Candy" is a retro-minded banger in the mold of Breakbot, while tracks like "I'll Be Right Here" feel like late-night phone calls circa 1978, fit with dialing keys and hushed vocals reminiscent of a bare-bones, bedroom-set Prince. Tracks like "Sleeping at the Palms" demonstrate Jenkins' fun, deconstructionist side, paying homage to early R&B drenched in rippling rhythm guitar and Casio steel drum approximations. The finale, "Let Go of Love," props up Jenkins as a true crooner, dropping gems such as "my heart's like an empty sublet that's always looking for a renter." A flirtatious letter to the past, Re: Fwd: FWD:  is an infectious example of marrying modern lyrics with throwback sounds.

SEE IT: Colin Jenkins plays Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water Ave., with Ryan Oxford, on Saturday, March 10. 9:30 pm. $10. 21+.