Bon Iver @ the Schnitz, May 24

Since Justin Timberlake swagger-jacked his sad-outdoorsman steez, it's only fair that Justin Vernon conduct this tour rocking dried-ramen hair and a single hoop earring. Tickets on sale March 16.

Jeff Rosenstock @ Aladdin Theater, May 24

The Aladdin seems an odd space to experience Rosenstock's bleeding-heart punk screeds. Hopefully, they won't mind having a few chairs yanked out of the floor. Tickets on sale March 16.

Logic @ Moda Center, July 14

You can't always get the G-Eazy you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get the Macklemore you need. Tickets on sale March 16.

Beach House @ Keller Auditorium, Aug. 10

A common slag on the Baltimore dream-pop duo is that they've written the same hazy, love-stoned song over and over again, but maybe the wired way to look at it is that they've been gradually writing the single greatest, haziest, most love-stoned song of all time. Tickets on sale now.

Slayer @ Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, Aug. 23

Slayer? Slayer. Slayer! Plus, a bunch of other heavy old-timers, including Anthrax and Testament. But also, Slayyyyyyeeerrrr! Tickets on sale now.