Tory Lanez @ Roseland Theater, June 7

The Music Writers of America regret to inform you that the term "post-Drake" is a thing now. Fellow Torontonian singer-rapper Tory Lanez—who's feuded off and on with Young Aubrey—prefers to call his particular brand of occasionally island-flavored hip-hop and R&B "swavey," but that's like George Costanza nicknaming himself "T-Bone." Nah, dog. Just nah. Tickets on sale April 6.

Counting Crows @ Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, June 30

For the microgeneration that came of age in the post-grunge, pre-emo epoch, Counting Crows were a bridge toward appreciating the wool-sweater indie rock that came along during their college years. Tourmates Live, meanwhile, are the band that made Gen X imagine placenta splattering on a hospital floor whenever they turned on the radio in 1994. Tickets on sale April 6.

Shabazz Palaces @ Doug Fir Lounge, Aug. 10

Shabazz is the man. Shabazz is the man. Oh, sorry. These Shabazzes play trippy Afrofuturist hip-hop that could soundtrack an alternate-timeline Black Panther reboot—which, come to think of it, isn't too far off from the music in that weird-ass Stumptown ad starring the other Shabazz, really. Tickets on sale April 6.

Rodriguez @ Revolution Hall, Aug. 14

At this point, the Rodriguez "renaissance" that kicked off with the Oscar-winning 2012 documentary Searching for Sugarman has lasted longer than his initial recording career, and the only fresh material he's managed to produce is a live Record Store Day single. It's a smart move—more Dylan-era songwriters could learn not to ruin a great myth with new music. Tickets on sale April 6.

MC50 @ Roseland Theater, Oct. 15

Three-fifths of the original MC5 are dead, but that's never stopped the surviving members of any legendary band from cashing in before. To be fair, guitarist Wayne Kramer's free-jazz shredding is mostly what made 1969's Kick Out the Jams such a lasting proto-punk touchstone, and he's arranged quite a replacement squad for the album's 50th anniversary tour, with Soundgarden's Kim Thayil and Brendan Canty of Fugazi stepping in for the departed. Tickets on-sale April 5.