The Roots @ Oregon Zoo, July 21

Hip-hop's greatest live band might be collecting easy paychecks from NBC these days, but the fact they're no longer exhausting themselves with endless touring means their increasingly rare non-Tonight Show gigs pack even more of a wallop. Tickets on sale April 20.

Ween @ Edgefield, Aug. 17 and 18

For anyone who discovered them via Beavis and Butt-Head in the early '90s, Ween's transformation from gas-huffing alt-rock weirdos into jam-scene heroes is still hard to comprehend. Expect to find a bunch of beat-up conversion vans with out-of-state plates parked on your block during this two-night stand. Tickets on sale April 20.

Lauryn Hill @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Sept. 12

This tour is being billed as a celebration of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill's 20th anniversary, but considering she's yet to put out another album, isn't that pretty much what every Lauryn Hill tour is? Maybe it means she'll finally stop performing every song as a dancehall remix and play the thing straight for once. Tickets on sale April 20.

The Jesus Lizard @ Crystal Ballroom, Sept. 29

Cynics can scoff at the Jesus Lizard for joining the on-off reunion cash-grab circuit, but the band's lithe, howling noise rock has grown even more frightening with age, especially since maniac frontman David Yow looks like Freddy Krueger now. Tickets on sale April 20.

Kamasi Washington @ Crystal Ballroom, Oct. 18

Ryan Gosling didn't save jazz all by himself, y'know. A good deal of credit goes to Washington, who's managed to revivify mainstream interest in the original American art form by playing sprawling, cosmic sax epics without gimmicks or au courant updates—and by looking cool as shit while doing so. Tickets on sale April 20.