Father John Misty @ Edgefield, July 21

Turn the lights back on in the Think Piece Factory, y'all, Josh Tillman is back! The Andy Kaufman of soft rock is prepping a new album, which means critics' palms are already getting sweaty from all the analytical hand-wringing about to go down. On second thought, with Kanye back to exhaust our outrage capacitors, maybe it's best to just sit this one out. Tickets on sale now.

First Aid Kit @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Oct. 3

Generally speaking, it's easy to dismiss most artists who jump-start their careers with YouTube covers. But the sisterly Swedish folk duo have a talent for interpreting other people's work that is downright eerie—check out the times they made Emmylou Harris and Patti Smith cry by playing their own songs back to them. That ability to conjure both tears and goose bumps translates to their original material, too: Good luck getting through this year's Ruins without leaving a total wreck. Tickets on sale May 11.

Arctic Monkeys @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Oct. 24

There was no reason to believe anyone outside England would still be talking about Arctic Monkeys a decade after they arrived riding the tail end of the early-aughts "rock revival"—for one thing, their name is "Arctic Monkeys." But in a depreciated landscape for big-time rock bands, their post-millennial Britpop has lent them surprising durability. Hey, if the Killers can still play arenas, why can't they? Tickets on sale now.

Ty Segall @ Aladdin Theater, Oct. 24

At this point, you probably think you've seen Ty Segall in every conceivable configuration—the dude doesn't tour so much as he seems to be in a constant state of couch-surfing from venue to venue. But after cranking out some of the loudest music of his career, he's chilling out with a rare solo tour. Still expect him to break some strings, though. Tickets on sale May 9.

Pink @ Moda Center, April 8, 2019

Sure, Portland can't get Beyoncé to even glance in our direction, but at least we're getting two Pink shows in less than a year! While it feels like a long time since she gripped the zeitgeist, the pop vet has sneaky staying power, and last year's Beautiful Trauma was a big hit. How popular is she? After more or less selling out Moda Center this week, she's already announced her return engagement next April. Tickets on sale May 11.