Prophets of Rage @ Roseland Theater, Aug. 25

A rap-rock supergroup with members and songs culled from some of the most politically incendiary bands ever to bombard the mainstream—and Cypress Hill—should probably seem more vital in the age of Trump. But it's always been fairly transparent why Prophets of Rage exist, and it's because Zach de la Rocha won't do another Rage Against the Machine tour. Word to Chuck D, though. For some reason, he's the only guy left on Twitter arguing for Carmelo Anthony to come to the Trail Blazers. Keep fighting the good fight, man. Tickets on sale May 18.

Arthur Buck @ Doug Fir Lounge, Sept. 8

"Arthur Buck" sounds like the name of a downtrodden cowboy poet from a Willy Vlautin novel, but it's actually a portmanteau of the musicians involved in this little side project—singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur and part-time Portlander Peter Buck. Debut single "Forever Waiting" is a fine piece of alt-folk, which is pretty much what you'd expect. Arthur says the band feels like a "reset" of his career, while for Buck, it's yet another way to waste time before the inevitable R.E.M. reunion. C'mon, we all know it's coming. Just do it already! Tickets on sale May 18.

Liz Phair @ Crystal Ballroom, Sept. 19

It's the 25th anniversary of Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair's dirty-talking lo-fi classic, which means the market is being flooded with retrospective essays, a reissue package and an anniversary tour. And thank goodness—after fudging up her rep with a midcareer pop move that made Jewel's weird dalliance with the dance charts seem distinguished, the culture is long overdue for a reminder of just how cool Phair was and still is. Tickets on sale May 18.

Ty Segall & White Fence @ Revolution Hall, Oct. 6

We told you last week that Ty Segall can't stop, won't stop. Dude tours like he doesn't have a home to go back to, which has a good chance of actually being true. He already announced a solo date at the Aladdin, but before that even happens, he'll be swinging through town on a completely different tour, this one with his garage-rocking homie Tim Presley, aka White Fence. Between now and then, don't be surprised to see Segall making a cameo at Pickathon or playing a basement party at your neighbor's house, or to wake up one morning and find him crashed out on your futon. Tickets on sale May 18.

Tchaikovsky vs. Drake @ the Schnitz, Nov. 8

Drake's recently announced tour with Migos is skipping Portland, so here's the next best…something. Composer Steve Hackman has made his name mashing up the likes of Radiohead and Coldplay with the music of long-dead Europeans, and this is perhaps his most, let's say, ambitious pairing yet. On one level, it makes sense—Tchaikovsky was known for being all up in his feelings, too—but if you're going to get a whole orchestra together to play some rap songs, wouldn't it make more sense to go with something bombastic like Wu-Tang Clan over the wintry whining of Poutine Papi? Tickets on sale now.